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Arjen en Liesbethstory

In august of 2013 we bought our house in Bograngen in the North of Värmland. In particular the beautiful forest, the lakes and silence made us decide to live here permanently.

In july 2015 we moved from the Netherlands to Sweden . Our main goal in life has always been to do what we like most. Arjen likes to ride and work on all kind of offroad machines. We love going in to the forest or to the beach of lake Letten with our dogs. Even more special when we take a quad or scooter to walk our dogs!

Because it is such a beautiful and thrilling experience to explore nature on these machines, we started our company. So we can show and let others experience as well.

We respect nature and wildlife. We offer only guided tours, so we can show you the beauty of our area without disturbing it. Our tours are not "only" about going fast, it is mainly about tactics and being in control of the machine.

We would like to see you in Bograngen and show you around!

Arjen & Liesbeth Singeling

Opening Hours

  • Call us between 9:00 - 22:00
  • We are open the whole year!
  • Also on holidays!

We are located in the beautiful forest finnskogen, the forest of the finns! In the north of Värmland Sweden.