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What does it cost!


Let's have fun and go snowboarding behind a snowquad. We will drive on one of the many frozen lakes in the area!

No experience needed, suitable for beginners and advanced:

Minimum 2 persons ± 1 hour 800SEK per snowquad

Usually we start at 17.00, but we let you know for sure!

Do you want to snowboard longer or have special wishes? Just get in contact!

«My first time on a snowboard ever! Such a thrill, love it! We had so much fun. »

Feels almost like wakeboarding.


You can also take your skis or a matras!


Opening Hours

  • Call us between 10:00 - 20:00
  • We are open the whole year!
  • Also on holidays!

We are located in the beautiful forest finnskogen, the forest of the finns! In the north of Värmland Sweden.